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EREMA Recognized Again for Innovative Recycling Technology

Monday, 01. June 2020

Posted by Mike Horrocks

EREMA is again being recognized for delivering innovative recycling technology. 

“The Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2020 have attracted a record number of entries. The influx of projects, principally, in the Product Technology, from across the whole value chain including brand owners, raw material producers, machine and equipment producers is a testimony that there is a genuine commitment from all the actors to make plastics circular,” said Ton Emans, PRE President. “Congratulations to all of this year’s finalists in each category. The standard is higher than ever this year and the judges will have a difficult task to single out the winners.”

The innovative recycling technology being recognized is EREMA’s VACUNITE® bottle-to-bottle RPET process, under the category Recycling Machinery Innovation of the Year – through increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of plastic recycling processes.

The EREMA VACUNITE® system brings several important functions together in the vacuum reactor; flake decontamination, moisture removal and IV treatment. By treating rPET flakes in a vacuum at a controlled and ideal temperature and applying a nitrogen gas blanket, moisture and contaminants are removed before melt and melt filtration. This prevents any hydrolytic and oxidative decomposition from occurring in the extruder. This result is a higher melt quality and  a stable, more easily managed plastics recycling machine which delivers an a FDA food compliant end product with unmatched color properties. 

Delivering Post-Consumer rPET bottle-to-bottle Recycling at ScalE

Delivering rPET bottle-to-bottle recycling at the scale that major beverage companies need to meet their ambitious recycled bottle content goals requires innovative recycling technology. 

EREMA VACUNITE® delivers a clean melt from post-consumer contaminated plastic PET containers. The EREMA Xtreme Renew post-consumer rPET technology bypasses plastic pelletization and injects the clean melt directly into the preforms process, saving energy, time and other resources, making affordable and safe post-consumer rPET containers a reality.

rPET Innovative Recycling Technology - Bottle-to-Bottle Post-Consumer Plastics Recycling Machine

rPET Innovative Recycling Technology - Bottle-to-Bottle Post-Consumer Plastics Recycling Machine


EREMA VACUNITE® delivers the highest quality food contact compliant rPET in an efficient delivery model.



A plastics in food packaging bottle-to-bottle rPET success story

Watch this rPET Innovative Recycling Technology in action here.


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