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EREMA Discovery Day 2019 Recap Part 2 - Advanced PET and Plastic Film Recycling Technology Partners

Wednesday, 15. January 2020

Posted by Mike Horrocks

Plastic Film Recycling Example

EREMA NA was excited to be able to introduce many of our core technology partners to the plastics film recycling community via Discovery Day 2019.


Below in alphabetical order are the technical partners that support our plastic film recycling technologies that were on display:


Plastic Film Recycling TechnologyEcon supplies advanced plastic pelletizing technology for EREMA products.

Their solutions include pelletizing, pellet cooling and pellet drying equipment for plastic film recycling machinery.


Plastic Film Recycling DemonstrationKrones provides PET flake washing technology to EREMA PET Plastic Film Recycling Systems.


Plastic Film RecyclingLindner provides plastic film shredding and washing solutions to EREMA Plastic Film Recycling systems.


Plastic Film Recycling MachineSchwing provides cleaning technology that removes plastic buildup from plastics recycling and injection molding systems.


Plastic Film Recycling ExampleVecoplan provides a range of shredder solutions including plastics shredders for Plastic Film Recycling.


To see a summary of posts about our PET and Film Recycling Technology demonstration, go here.

Interested in seeing videos of the plastic bottle caps and plastic films being recycled into high quality plastic pellets? See the video tour here.



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