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America Recycles Day 2020 is Coming!

Thursday, 12. November 2020

Posted by Mike Horrocks

America Recycles Day

If it melts, we can run it! But for today, let's focus on PET.


EREMA is proud to support NAPCOR (Positively PET) in its efforts to educate consumers about PET plastic and encourage recycling, especially surrounding America Recycles Day 2020 on Sunday, 11/15.


In support of #AmericaRecyclesDay, we encourage you to learn more about PET. It’s the most widely recovered type of plastic. The PET industry is committed to sustainability and is doing more than ever to protect our environment. But they need the help of caring consumers to make sure products made from PET don’t end up in our landfills and waterways.


Celebrate #AmericaRecyclesDay by learning how to identify PET and recycle it properly, from

While we're thinking about recycling, it's important to point out that there recycling is a multi-faceted endeavor. We're fond of pointing out, 'If it melts, we can run it!'. There are many types of plastics that can be recycled, after both consumer use, and as waste and scrap materials from manufacturing operations.

Post Consumer vs Post Industrial Recycling


You can learn about EREMA Post-Consumer Recycling Technology here.

You can learn more about EREMA Post-Industrial Recycling Technology here.



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