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Polykar, L’Oréal Canada and Carrousel Team Up to Create a Stretch Wrap Recycling Success Story!

Friday, 26. March 2021

Posted by Mike Horrocks

Stretch Wrap Recycling Example

An Example of the Recycled Stretch Wrap Film Packaging Product Manufactured by Polykar for L’Oréal Canada


Polykar is the North American leader in sustainable flexible packaging and was recently named as one of Canada's best-managed companies!

Les Emballages Carrousel, Inc. is the largest distributor of packaging products in Quebec

L’Oréal is the largest cosmetics brand in the world


These three industry leaders have created a breakthrough closed-loop solution for recycling stretch wrap film. 

Every year, millions of pounds of used stretch wrap film goes to landfills. Stretch wrap film is very difficult to recycle. It’s ‘sticky’ making it hard to handle. Used stretch wrap film often comes with contaminants, having been used in shipping to keep items on pallets, it collects debris such as pallet shavings and warehouse dust as well as getting tainted with paints from bumping into walls and such.

Turning this difficult to recycle material into consumer-facing packaging is quite an accomplishment!

At the L'Oréal Canada Distribution Centre, located in Ville Saint-Laurent, thousands of packages on pallets are received or shipped every day, resulting in the use of tens of tons of plastic film on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the composition of this film makes it very difficult to recycle without specialized equipment.

A local solution to a global problem:

Polykar joined forces with its long-time business partner and client, Les Emballages Carrousel to launch a new recycling program for used stretch film, called Carrou-cycle.

This innovative solution makes it possible to recycle used stretch wrap film, which is a real breakthrough. This program implements the concept of a circular economy as it aims to transform used stretch wrap film into new plastic products.

It really is all about giving a second life to stretch wrap film. Polykar Inc.'s know-how and use of the latest technologies, including EREMA Intarema technology is proof that a winning combination drives real results! 

Circular Economy:

This local circular economy project fits perfectly with Polykars goal of developing more sustainable solutions. Polykar has found EREMA to be that ideal partner in playing an active role in creating a circular economy for plastics by being at the forefront of giving flexible packaging a second life.

You can follow Polykar and their most recent innovations on their LinkedIn page here!

You can learn more about this exciting stretch wrap plastic recycling success story IN THIS VIDEO:

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