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Test Your Post Industrial Recycling Locally

Monday, 17. May 2021

Posted by Mike Horrocks

EREMA North America has installed an EREMA PureLoop system in our customer center in Ipswich, MA for the testing of post-industrial recycling applications.

Due to our continued rapid growth of the EREMA Group in the North American market, we are putting additional technologies at our customer's disposal.

The addition of the PureLoop ISEC system allows North American companies interested in advancing their post-industrial recycling of plastic materials to be tested locally, allowing for a more efficient transition from project concept to production.

EREMA PureLoop Post-Industrial Plastic Recycling Technology

Testing of Post-Industrial Recycling Applications is now available in North America


The PureLoop ISEC post-industrial recycling solution streamlines the reprocessing of plastic production waste. Applications span heavy, lightweight, large-volume, or highly tear-resistant post-industrial recycling plastic materials.


Difficual Post Industrial Recycling Challenges

Example of a Post Industrial Recycling Difficult Challenge - Plastic Cord


Thanks to the intelligent combination of double pusher system and single-shaft extruder and integrated shredder, the plastic recycling machine is able to process a very wide range of different types and shapes of plastics materials: from heavy, free-flowing, and self-absorbing plastics to light and large-volume plastic materials.


Post Industrial Recycling Machine Shredder Extruder

The ISEC Post Industrial Recycling Machine's Proprietary Combination Shredder/Extruder


Even with highly tear-resistant input such as fibers and tapes, the high-performance PureLoop machines provide reliable, cost, and energy-efficient performance.

The system provides a high degree of automation which ensures stable processes and consistently high output pellet quality.


Post Industrial Recycling Controller

A Simple and Intuitive HMI Ensures Ease of Use, Reliability & High Utilization Rates


Post Industrial Recycling Machine

Advantages of the PureLoop Post-Industrial Recycling Technologies Include:

  • Powerful flexibility - the system adapts to a wide range of input post-industrial plastics
  • Efficient processing of many different types and shapes of plastic
  • Discontinuous loading of the most varied of material forms is no problem
  • A wide variety of feed systems possible - depending on your requirements
  • Saves personnel and time - the system runs "on the side"
  • Low energy costs
  • High machine availability
  • Low wear part costs
  • Short ROI
  • Little visual change and little thermal load
  • Least change in the polymer
  • The largest possible amount of regranulate can be returned to production
  • Focus on security
  • High-quality components
  • Highest machine safety standard
  • Low noise emission
  • Integrated service modem
  • Service hotline

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