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EREMA US is Open for Testing

Monday, 18. May 2020

Posted by Mike Horrocks

The EREMA North America service center is FULLY OPEN to support EREMA installations! EREMA customer center is unique in North America, able to process the widest range of materials.

Plastics Recycling Test

EREMA North America - Plastics Testing Center

EREMA consistently delivers the highest possible plastics recycling machine availability and our service and parts team is ready and able to meet your needs.

Our tech teams are traveling for service and startup calls and our facility is open for material testing, so we invite you to contact us about getting your sample plastics mix tested to determine the right recycling process for you!

We’re proud to note that we have maintained through the entire recent period of upheaval our record of being able to ship out up to 75% of EREMA North America spare parts orders the same day, and all orders placed have been fulfilled.

We’re excited to continue to provide the most competent and experienced team of service technicians offering phone and on-site support including preventive maintenance, employee training and process optimization. 


Interested in getting your plastics mix tested? Click the link below.

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