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If You’re Interested in Plastic Recycling Business Training This Event is For You!

Thursday, 29. October 2020

Posted by Mike Horrocks

Plastic Recycling Business Training

The Center of Management Technology will host a webinar on High-Quality Recycled Plastics on November 17th, 2020. Attending as a speaker for EREMA is Christoph Wöss, Business Development Manager Application Bottle, speaking about Advanced Bottle to Bottle Recycling technology for the Circular Economy era. 

The key to success in plastics recycling is making grades that are the best quality and get further up the value chain.

There are a lot of different polymer types and forms of plastic in the waste stream. While it is technically possible to recycle most plastic polymers, the complexity and cost of doing so have prevented many reprocessors from taking mixed polymers as they tend to be of low grade and value.

The webinar includes:

Roadmap for UK to achieve the 2025 targets

Helen Bird, Resource Management Specialist

WRAP - Waste and Resources Action Programme



Advanced BtB - Recycling technology for the Circular Economy Era

Ing. Christoph Wöss, Business Development Manager, Application Bottle

EREMA Group GmbH



Making High-Quality rHDPE for Food Grade Capabilities

Tamsin Ettefagh, Principal Consultant

Tamsinette LLC



High-Quality rLDPE for New End Products

Emiel Huijbregts, Commercial Manager, Plastics




High-Quality Waste Segregation & Evaluating Digital Watermarking as a Solution

Gareth Callan, Sustainability Packaging Manager


Final Discussions – Virtual Networking begins


You can learn more about this webinar and register here!

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