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Innovative In House Plastic Film Recycling Machine

Tuesday, 24. December 2019

Posted by Mike Horrocks

The new EREMA ZeroWastePro is a compact, efficient and energy saving in house plastic film recycling machine used to recover PolyEthylene (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, MDPE) and PolyPropylene  (BOPP, CoPP, CPP) in house plastic film waste.

Designed for flat sheet, stretch film, blown film, thermoforming sheet, breathable film and melt-embossed film in house film recycling, in house film waste including rolls, edge trim, bulk and regrind material is easily recycled.

The EREMA ZeroWastePro is a compact / small footprint design meant for easy installation and easy integration into existing film production processes. The product line is highly standardized, meaning there are relatively short delivery timeframes. 

While being highly standardized, it is still an advanced plastic film recycling machine that delivers consistently high pellet quality. This is in part a result of the Preconditioning Unit which preheats the plastic, significantly reducing the energy input required for plastification in the extruder and the resulting thermo-mechanical stress on the polymer is minimized as a result - a clear increase in quality for the melt and the final recycled pellets.

Each ZeroWastePro system comes with its’ own IIoT BluPort Smart Service package for free for 12 Months.




Learn more about this advanced plastic film recycling machine line here:


INTEREMA ZeroWastePro Details




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