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EREMA PET Recycling Equipment Featured in Envases Universales Group PET Recycling Facility

Monday, 17. August 2020

Posted by Mike Horrocks

Envases Universales Group provides a complete PET plastic container packaging solution for consumer products, from package design & R&D to PET package products, both standard containers and customized packaging and process optimization services for end customers.

They recently installed EREMA VACUREMATM Basic 2625-T PET Recycling Equipment. These are the two largest PET recycling plants we have ever built for a customer! The facility produces 8 tons of rPET per hour.

Below is a drone fly-through of the PET Recycling Facility & Equipment:

A Tour of EREMA PET Recycling Equipment

The plant was engineered by Polymetrix AG.

You can learn more about Envases Universales Group and their sustainability efforts here.


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