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A Pet Food Bag Recycling Success Story!

Friday, 12. March 2021

Posted by Mike Horrocks

Pet Food Bag Recycling Example

It’s widely said that dogs are man’s best friends. Many of us keep pets such as dogs, and if you do, particularly if you keep a large dog, you know how much packaging is used in pet food bags.

EREMA is excited to be a partner in the Everminds polypropylene pet food bag recycling solution.

EvermindsTM, created by Borealis, a leader in the polyolefin industry is a collaborative effort to accelerate the circular economy as it relates to polypropylene recycling capability.

As we noted above, pet food packaging is challenging to recycle because of the multiple layers and heavy printing, being printed on both sides of the bag.

“EverMindsTM is a platform that brings stakeholders together to constantly innovate our technologies and product portfolio with the circular economy of plastics at the core. With our latest acquisitions and collaborations, we have already started building upon that promise: The circular economy an integral part of our daily business, delivering premium performance whilst caring for the environment.

The platform is a catalyst for better economic, environmental and societal outcomes and an inspiration constantly reminding us to always act consciously with the lifecycle of materials in mind.”

You can learn more in their video here:




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