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EREMA Technology to be Featured in Laurence Fishburne TV Series Documementary "Behind the Scenes"

Wednesday, 26. August 2020

Posted by Mike Horrocks

A behind the scenes look at the Laurence Fishburne TV Series team creating documentary footage @ EREMA!

Behind The Scenes with Host Laurence Fishburne is an award-winning educational television series highlighting the evolution of education, medicine, science, technology and industry through inspiring stories.

The show being filmed now will be airing soon...


laurence fishburne tv series recycled plastic

Mike Horrocks, EREMA North America CEO Being Interviewed by the Laurence Fishburne TV Series Crew

Laurence Fishburne TV Series Documentary

Tamsin Ettefagh, Vice President Envision Plastics Being Interviewed by the Laurence Fishburne TV Series Crew


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EREMA North America VP Sales Greg Wool Demonstrating EREMA Advanced Plastics Recycling Technology.


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