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Erema @ K Show 2019!

Monday, 12. August 2019

Posted by Mike Horrocks


EREMA is excited to be featuring the EREMA CIRCONOMIC CENTRE at K Show 2019. K Show, opening October 16, 2019 in Düsseldorf is 'The World's Number One Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber'.

At K Show 2019, the EREMA Group will be demonstrating the extensive capacity of the group companies to deliver fully integrated, advanced plastics recycling solutions. With now seven companies and business units, EREMA, POWERFIL, KEYCYCLE, PURE LOOP, 3S, UMAC and PLASMAC, the EREMA Group is positioned to drive advancements in the circular economy around the world.

"Today, we offer our customers technologies and components as well as consulting, service, engineering and planning services and, of course, the expertise and dedication of our employees. All of these are success factors contributing to the performance of our customers, which is why the EREMA Group appears at K this year under the motto "Seeds for your performance", explains Manfred Hackl, CEO of the EREMA Group. To see the full circular economy capability set on display at K 2019, you can go here.

Injection molding and film waste collected during the trade fair will be recycled and processed on site by EREMA, in cooperation with raw material manufacturers, processors , brand owners and recyclers. EREMA will also present a number of “lighthouse“ projects which will show high quality end products made from recyclate sources .

The market leading EREMA Group is a central force promoting the cooperation between industry sectors necessary in order to clearly demonstrate the reality of the circular economy in action to the consumer.    

The CIRCONOMIC CENTRE at the heart of the K Show 2019 site will be a 'must see' for attendees to see that a true circular economy is now within practical reach.

The EREMA CIRCONOMIC CENTRE at K Show 2019 will feature an example of live circular economy engineering technology and the circular economy examples will include recycling and processing fishing nets into plastic boxes on premises. 

Can't make it to K 2019? Perhaps you can attend EREMA Discovery Days Sept 17, 2019 for live circular economy examples!

You can also learn how Advanced rPET recycling solutions come together here.


Interested in seeing what EREMA can do for your plastic recycling stream? Contact us for a test run below.


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