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High Performance recycled plastic melt Filtration Systems: Backflush Filtration vs. Continuous Filtration

Thursday, 07. June 2018

Posted by Mike Horrocks

A key technology building block for plastic recycling systems are the so-called melt filters. Essential to high performance recycling is the recycled plastic melt filtration system. Melt filters remove non-plastic particles from the recycled plastic material such as paper, wood, sand, glass or aluminum pieces. To achieve a high-quality pellet at the end of the recycling process, the right filtration technology should be chosen based on the input materials.

EREMA helps their customers choosing the right system for the application. We principally differentiate between back flush filtration (a cyclical process) and continuous filtration. The so-called SW RTF provides excellent filtration options down to mesh sizes as small as 32 microns for very fine filtration. The so-called Laser Filter (the filtration discs holes are burned with a laser) can go as low as 70 microns, but can handle significant higher amounts of contamination.

recycled plastic melt filtration

 Pictured above: Laser Filter Scrapper as it removes contaminants from the filtration disc.

What is the difference between these two systems?




Filtrated impurity level (dust, paper, wood, etc)

Up to 0.2%

Up to 10%


Thin-walled materials, all polyolefins, PA, PET, bioPet, fibres, etc.

All polyolefins, PS, ABS, etc.

Filtration fineness

Down to 30  µm

Down to 70  µm

Special feature

Ideal for in-house applications

Automatic backflushing

Continuous filtration

Fully automatic operation

SW RTF and Laserfilter are two excellent high-performance filtration systems. The use of either of these depends largely on the application that the recycling is for. For example, SW RTF excels in the in-house recycling sector or where very fine filtration is required. The Laserfilter system on the other hand excels in quantity - as it has the ability to remove larger amounts of impurities. Both systems run highly automatically, while the Laser Filter can reduce labor costs, because the filter discs last longer prior to exchange.


If you want to learn more, check out our melt filtration technology portfolio at:


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