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Xtreme Renew Advanced PET Recycling Technology for Food Contact Compliant 100% rPET

Friday, 21. June 2019

Posted by Martin Baumann

Food Contact Compliant 100% rPET

The innovative Xtreme Renew technology from SIPA in combination with EREMA’s VACUREMA® technology makes it possible: you can produce food contact compliant 100% rPET preforms directly from post-consumer PET flakes.

In one process step – without the detour via pellet production. That‘s efficiency!

And this gives you clear benefits: You can achieve

    • considerable savings in energy consumption

    • reduce your logistics and process costs

    • and increase profitability and productivity in your preform production process.

Visit the SIPA & EREMA Open House from 15-19 July 2019 in Vittorio Veneto, Italy, and watch live how the Xtreme Renew technology achieves these and even further advantages for you.

We cordially invite you and look forward to welcoming you.

You can get the invite to the event here.

To learn more about Advanced PET Recycling Technologies, you can visit our guide here.

food contact compliant 100% rPET




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