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EREMA Announces FDA Approved Process for Producing Food Contact Compliant Post Consumer Recycled HDPE (PCR-HDPE)

Friday, 20. September 2019

Posted by Mike Horrocks

Example of FDA Approved for Food Contact_Post Consumer Recycled HDPE (PCR-HDPE) produced with the patented INTAREMA® TVEplus® RegrindPro® Extrusion System and ReFresher Module

EREMA announces FDA approval for a new proprietary process to produce food contact compliant HDPE from post-consumer recycled HDPE (PCR-HDPE) with the patented INTAREMA® TVEplus® RegrindPro® extrusion system and ReFresher module*.

PCR-HDPE produced with EREMA technology is suitable for food packaging made with up to 100 percent post consumer recyclate.

This opens up new opportunities to close the loop in food packaging made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

"FDA approval means that new food packaging can contain up to 100 percent of PCR-HDPE produced using this recycling process," says Clemens Kitzberger, Business Development Manager in the EREMA Group for the post consumer sector.


Get the Full Press Release here.


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