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EREMA Group Grows Top Line 20% in FY 2020 - 2021

Friday, 14. May 2021

Posted by Mike Horrocks

EREMA Group has announced record revenue for the latest fiscal year.

The company has expanded its manufacturing capabilities in both Austria and its North American headquarters in Ipswich, MA.

The company overcame the challenges which we all faced in 2020 and has emerged stronger and more vibrant than ever, a testament to the increasing awareness of the importance of plastics recycling and the company’s technological leadership position in this space.

"In a year that has presented each of us with extraordinary professional and private challenges, we are particularly proud that we have succeeded so well in creating a safe working environment for our employees, in fulfilling our customers' expectations, and in launching worldwide the innovations that we presented at K 2019," is how the year is summed up by Manfred Hackl, CEO of EREMA Group GmbH. 


Manfred Hackl, CEO EREMA Group GmbHManfred Hackl, CEO EREMA Group GmbH


There are currently around 7,000 systems supplied by EREMA Group companies in operation in more than 100 countries worldwide. The number of employees has risen to a total of 660. In technological terms, growth in all segments is based on the high quality of recycled pellets achieved using these recycling solutions. 

These systems make it possible to now use post-consumer recyclate for packaging in the cosmetics and food sectors, which is why recycling companies see their purchase as an important investment for the future. This can be seen, for example, in the increase of orders for INTAREMA® TVEplus® systems with ReFresher for the production of odour-optimised recyclate. 

The recycling capacity of these systems sold during the past fiscal year alone, is 250,000 tonnes per year. 

You can read the entire press release here!


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