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Thank You to our 2019 EREMA Discovery Day Technology Partners!

Friday, 06. December 2019

Posted by Mike Horrocks

EREMA NA was excited to be able to introduce many of our core technology partners to the plastics recycling community via Discovery Day 2019! 

We'd like to thank them for sharing time and helping to educate our audience about important plastics recycling technology integrations. A roundup of advanced plastics recycling technologies that help drive the circular economy.


Below in alphabetical order are the technical partners that were on display:


Econ advanced plastic pelletizing technology

Econ supplies advanced plastic pelletizing technology for a range of extrusion systems. Their solutions include pelletizing, pellet cooling and pellet drying equipment.


Krones PET flake washing technology

Krones are a global supplier of PET flake washing technology.


Schwing cleaning technology respolymer recycling and injection molding

Schwing provides highly efficient cleaning technology which removes residual polymer buildup on recycling and injection molding components.


Lindner plastic shredding size reduction washing

Lindner provides plastic shredding , size reduction and washing solutions to a global customer base.


Vecoplan shredder plastics recycling technology

Vecoplan provide their range of shredder solutions for plastics , wood and paper industries.  


Interested in learning more about the advanced plastics recycling technologies that were on display at EREMA Discovery Day 2019?

Here are additional resources:

XTREME Renew is the world’s first commercially available industrial plastic recycling system that produces food grade PET preforms containing up to 100% recycled PET from flakes in just one step.

Higher PET Recyclate Content in End Product Requires Innovative Recycling Process

Watch videos from Discovery Day 2019 of a PET Pallet Deconstruction demonstration - showing full recycling of PET Bottles, Heavily Printed Plastic Film Labels and Plastic Bottle caps here.

Also, you can download our latest edition of Recycling News below!


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