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EREMA Discovery Day 2023 Europe

Monday, 12. June 2023

Posted by Greg Wool

2023 EREMA Discovery Day, took place on June 1st in Ansfelden, captivating guests with a multitude of new technologies. 

The event garnered the attendance of approximately 400 customers and partners, keen to explore the diverse range of recycling technologies tailored for PO and PET plastic waste. 

EREMA Discovery Day Europe 2023

EREMA speakers and guest lecturers showcased plastics recycling technology during morning sessions, followed by live demonstrations in the afternoon, where recycling machines were presented in full operation. 

The event showcased innovative recycling technologies including INTAREMA® TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact, INTAREMA® TVEplus® RegrindPro® + ReFresher, COREMA® cascade extrusion system, VACUREMA® Inline Sheet line equipped with new EcoGentle technology, INTAREMA® FibrePro:IV machine, and PCU-TwinScrew. 

Attendees gained firsthand insight into the technology’s performance and the resulting superior quality of recycled pellets they produce. EREMA's Managing Director, Markus Huber-Lindinger, emphasized the necessity of this broad technology range, as each customer's recycling process depends on factors such as plastic type, input material contamination level, and the desired end product utilizing the recycled pellets. 

With the expansion of the EREMA Ansfelden site and the addition of the nearby St. Marien site, EREMA can now effectively showcase these processes, conduct customer material test runs, and dedicate focused attention to development work independently of the Customer Centre.

EREMA is making significant strides in research and development at the new R&D Centre. Comprising two halls spanning a total area of 1,550 square meters and a newly constructed office building providing 50 workspaces, this cutting-edge facility consolidates cross-departmental test machines and laboratory resources catering to post-consumer and in-house recycling applications. 

R&D activities at EREMA follow a decentralized approach, with personnel from diverse departments collaboratively addressing process engineering challenges, pioneering innovations in mechanical engineering and automation technology, all with the ultimate goal of meeting customer demands and attaining the highest possible quality in recycled pellets. Huber-Lindinger emphasized, "This approach enables the realization of a circular economy for plastics." He further stated that the establishment of the new R&D Centre has laid a solid foundation for EREMA's future pivotal milestones in plastics recycling. 

On the eve of Discovery Day, EREMA commemorated a momentous occasion, our 40th anniversary, alongside esteemed customers and partners. A captivating retrospective highlighted the company's remarkable journey, from humble beginnings in a garage workshop back in 1983 to the current position as trailblazing innovators and global market leaders, responsible for enabling plastics recycling for specific applications.

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