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EREMA Continues its Track Record of Growth

Wednesday, 11. January 2023

Posted by Mike Horrocks


EREMA continues its track record of growth as the worldwide community embraces the circular economy.

Overall group revenues increased to 295 EUR million and we passed 840 employees globally. 

"This past financial year, we again set several milestones with growth powered by our technology. We are very proud of this because the prevailing market conditions were once again very challenging due to Coronavirus, cost increases for energy and logistics, and interruptions to the supply chain," is how Manfred Hackl, CEO of EREMA Group GmbH, sums up the year. 

A total of 220 extruders manufactured in Ansfelden were supplied to customers all over the world. If you include individual components and modules such as filter systems and ReFresher anti-odour technology in that figure, the total was around 320. Then there are another 53 extruders from PLASMAC, the Italian subsidiary. The recycled pellet production capacity of all extrusion systems delivered in the financial year 2021/22 adds up to around 1.34 million tonnes per year. 

Getting into the details, there’s a clear trend in post-consumer recycling toward larger plants for PET polyolefins recycling driving a push towards larger machines. Feasibility studies have accelerated as well, with consulting and engineering services, project management, and turnkey projects are creating an increased demand for KEYCYCLE, an EREMA Group company. KEYCYCLE has also acquired from Cadel Deinking the patent, technology and distribution rights for an innovative ink removal technology, which is now being further developed using the know-how of the EREMA Group and shaped into a product that meets industrial standards.


Get the Full 2021-2022 Results Press Release Here.


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